Swab Barcelona Art Fair 9-10 Oct 2021

Booth #34

IV TOSHAIN, Shooting star Naomi, 2020, Wood, Paint, Print, Stainless steel, Powder coated steel, Gold plated steel

MONEV CONTEMPORARY presents three established artists who being born in Eastern Europe but living and working in Central Europe ( Vienna and Berlin) are occupying the border interface between east and west exposing a full integration into the global art context.




Booth#34, SWAB Barcelona Art Fair 2021, 7-10 Oct 2021

Pl. de Carles Buigas 8, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

IV TOSHAIN “ULTRAMODERN SOLITUDE”, 2020, Neon, Steel Unique 27 x 180 x 20 cm
IV TOSHAIN “Untiteled”, 2020
Glass Mirror, Coatings, Stainless Steel, 70x100x20cm
“BUILDINGS, SUGARCUBES”, Dejana Kabiljo, 2021, Sugar, 20 x 20 x 32 cm
“Dorabella, barstool”, Dejana Kabiljo 2020, Base finishing: powder coated black, horsetail, water resistant plywood on steel construction 82 x 33 cm
“UV Revolution Circle”, ANTON STOIANOV, 2018, Saint Gobain glass and UV glue, 100 cm diameter
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ANTON STOIANOV, “Recto-Verso 02”, 2019, Glass and pigmented UV glue, Dia 96 cm
ANTON STOIANOV, Recto-Verso 01″, 2019, Glass and pigmented UV glue, Dia 96 cm